David Robinson

David Robinson

David Robinson has extensive experience in the management and delivery of safety critical operations, the management of regulatory requirements, quality assurance and training delivery.

A constant theme during David’s career has been the development and application of quality systems to operational environments, and their evolution into safety management systems. Central to his various roles has been the necessity to work closely with regulatory authorities responsible for airline operations and air traffic control. Through this experience, he has gained a clear understanding of the role of the regulator and the critical importance of compliance and assurance and managing stakeholder expectations.

David’s knowledge combined with a diverse range of managerial roles enables his ready adaptation to a variety of working environments. His operational, project and managerial experience have been complimented by tertiary qualifications which enhance his analytical and problem-solving abilities, and a capacity to develop alternate strategies and solutions to meet deadlines.

David has been awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master in Business Administration.