Building Capability


VERITAS offers a comprehensive range of advisory and consulting services supporting total asset lifecycle services that supports projects and infrastructure assets “from conception to disposal and/or re-purposing”. VERITAS has developed standardised methodologies and approach to delivery that provide demonstrable and sustainable results that deliver value.

In its approach to delivery, VERITAS also assists its clients in building competency and developing proficiency by offering formal training courses in knowledge areas that are not well understood or executed by industry.

This training has been developed based on over 40+ years of experience in designing, engineering, manufacturing, constructing, operating, maintaining and assuring infrastructure assets across asset intensive, time critical service industries.

Training provided by VERITAS is aimed at developing the client’s internal capabilities and making them less dependent on external resources.

Knowledge Areas


VERITAS has the intellectual property, capacity and experience to deliver training programs and training courses to its clients to increase their knowledge, build confidence and facilitate analysis and appropriate use of tools and techniques that can be applied in the workplace.
Standard training packages are available under the following knowledge areas:

Please note you can download a information sheet on each course by clicking on the course.

Training Performance


VERITAS measures its training program performance through feedback from all participants and since operations started in 2017, our training performance has been as follows: