Charles Plenge

Charles Plenge

Charles is a founding Partner of Veritas Asia Pacific Pty Ltd and is the Asset Management and Assurance Service Lead.

He is highly successful senior executive with over 25 years’ experience in the successful delivery capital infrastructure, development and implementation of strategic asset management, large business transformation and process re-engineering projects, provision of assurance services and commercial/contract management on both vendor and client sides.

Charles has drawn his extensive experience from asset intensive and linear networked industries that includes transport (heavy rail, light rail and roads), oil and gas, utilities (power generation & distribution and water), resources, heavy engineering and manufacturing sectors. Charles also has a background in quality control, testing and certification as well as broader quality management, quality assurance third party certification.

He has an impressive record in driving strategy and delivering outcomes in Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Europe and America. He has worked with some of world's largest and complex organisations in private industry as well as government, the not-for-profit sector and two of the "Big 4" professional services firms directing large and complex projects.

Charles has been awarded a Bachelor of Science degree, a Master of Management and a Master in Business Administration.