Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

VERITAS’ business focus is to deliver value using modern scientific management methods to achieve sustainable outcomes.

VERITAS works in a collaborative and inclusive manner to assist our clientele achieve their strategic goals.

VERITAS’ approach assists its clientele to more effectively manage their asset and develop their operational management capability for long term sustainability. VERITAS assists its clientele in developing and implementing both capacity and capability optimisation strategies to improve service delivery, reduce waste, reduce overall expenditure and maximise the return on investment through sustainable asset and operational management.

VERITAS’ personnel have a diverse range of skills and experience gained from a variety of backgrounds and industries – this enables us to provide independent, specific, informed and reliable cross-industry advice and to provide holistic perspectives that can add significant value to our clientele.

VERITAS has highly knowledgeable, experienced and certified Consultants with extensive experience in the provision of Operational Excellence services across a range of industries. Our Operational Excellence services consultants bring with them policy, strategic planning and operations advisory experience gained from transport, manufacturing, engineering and aviation industries and experience from working with government and regulatory authorities.

VERITAS’ Operational Excellence services extends across all levels of management and supervision, from developing strategy, its impact on all tasks and activities throughout the business, through to the delivery and evidence of performance uplift and the handover to trained and capable sponsors and champions for sustainability.

Our Operational Excellence services include:

  • Strategy Deployment Methodology and Capability;
  • Aligning Critical Business Processes with Customer Expectations;
  • Building organisational capability to effectively:
    • Champion projects at the strategic level;
    • Sponsor projects at both strategic and operational level;
    • Identify and lead cross-functional business process improvement; and
    • Identify and empower problem-solving at the task and activity level.
  • Management and Strategy Audit and Review;
  • Data Management, Collection and Analysis;
  • Effective KPI identification and measurement;
  • Design knowledge work for dynamic workplaces;
  • Maturity Assessments (incl. quality, asset management, risk management);
  • Design and implementation of Management Operating Systems (MOS);
  • Design and rollout of continuous improvement frameworks (5-S, Lean Six Sigma); and
  • Capability development and training in 5-S, Visual Management, Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, Value Stream Mapping, Audits and Assessments, Incident Investigation, Root Cause Analysis

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