Power Sector Capability

VERITAS has a highly knowledgeable and experienced Power Sector Team with extensive policy, strategic planning, organisation development, planning & operations management and assurance services experience gained from power sector including design, construction, generation, transmission and retailing segments of the power industry.

Our Power Sector Capability typically include the following services:

Figure 1 – Whole of Life Asset Management Services

  • Strategy development and Planning;
  • Business Case Development & Support;
  • Governance Development and Management;
  • Gateway Reviews (submissions & assessments);
  • Business Requirements Definition (BRS) and Management;
  • Design Optioneering & Multi-Criteria Analysis;
  • Lifecycle Costing;
  • Demand and Capacity Management;
  • Concept of Operations definition;
  • Strategic Asset Management;
  • Maintenance Management;
  • Assurance Services & Independent Reviews;
  • Safety and Systems Engineering; and
  • Business Re-engineering / Change Management.

Building and Operating Networks

VERITAS has the capacity and capability to assist its clientele with building, operating and maintaining electrical networks and associated infrastructure. Our experience in networked power generation, transmission, distribution and metering infrastructure throughout Australia and includes the design, construction, maintenance and operations of:

  • Hydroelectric power stations;
  • Coal fired power plants;
  • Wind generation farms;
  • Co-generation plants;
  • Solar farms; and
  • Electrical Testing and Metering Facilities.

This knowledge and experience translate into a unique capability that enables VERITAS to deliver value to our clients in:

  • Defining, developing and managing asset requirements using modern system engineering principles to design assets for better and more cost-effective operations and maintenance;
  • Providing assurance to the client on the design, build, construction and refurbishment of power generation projects;
  • Assisting managers and operators to collaboratively plan and manage the strategic and operational aspects of their power plants to optimise the utilisation of the resource and availability of associated infrastructure;
  • Developing and effectively implementing standard operating procedures to deliver efficiencies in both generating and transmitting assets;
  • Assisting managers and operators to develop robust preventative maintenance plans to meet strategic business objectives and ensure plants and networks continue to operate in a safe and reliable manner;
  • Assisting managers and operators to develop and utilise effective work forecasting and planning tools to ensure investment in the operating assets is secured and optimised over the design lifecycle of the plant and maintenance regimes are appropriate to support the assets and deliver the required service outcomes;
  • Assisting managers with the development and implementation of management operating systems including:
    • Monthly, Weekly and Daily Operating Plans for operations and maintenance personnel
    • Preventative maintenance planning and defect recovery systems;
    • Spares and components management in stores and vehicles to support operations; and,
    • Standard operating procedures for operations and maintenance.
  • Ensuring that plant managers and operators effectively plan and operate to deliver environmentally safe and low-cost services to customers and stakeholders.

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