Government Sector Capability

VERITAS’ Government Sector Services enables asset intensive service delivery agencies to achieve their business objectives at optimum cost and risk, leveraging their assets’ full capacity and capability and optimising their operations.

We have highly knowledgeable and experienced Consultants with extensive experience in Government with the provision of services across a range of delivery agencies that includes:

  • Health;
  • Transport;
  • Water;
  • Education; and
  • State Owned Corporations (SOCs).

VERITAS’ approach assists its clientele to more effectively manage their asset portfolios and develop their operational management capability for long term sustainability.  VERITAS assists Government agencies in developing and implementing both capacity and capability optimisation strategies to improve service delivery, reduce overall expenditure and maximise the return on taxpayer investment through sustainable asset management.

VERITAS’ Government Sector Capability typically includes the following services:

Figure 1 – Whole of Life Asset Management Services

  • Strategy Development, Planning and Execution;
  • Business Case Development & Support;
  • Governance Development and Management;
  • Gateway Reviews (reviews, submissions & assessments);
  • Requirements Definition, Management Verification and Validation;
  • Design Optioneering & Multi-Criteria Analysis;
  • Safety and Systems Engineering;
  • Whole of Lifecycle Costing;
  • Configuration Management;
  • Demand and Capacity Management;
  • Concept of Operations definition;
  • Strategic Asset Management;
  • Maintenance Management;
  • Assurance Services & Independent Reviews;
  • Procurement & Contract Management; and
  • Business Re-engineering / Change Management.

VERITAS’ is able to support its clients in the Government sector with the application of appropriate operational management and asset management techniques that span from the development of service delivery strategies, to the design and concept of operations (CONOPS), delivery, testing and commissioning of an asset, operational readiness assessments, development of maintenance strategies, maintenance forecasting, planning and scheduling and through-life support.

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