Aviation Sector Capability

VERITAS has highly knowledgeable and experienced Senior Aviation Sector Consultants with extensive policy, strategic planning and operations advisory experience gained from the aviation industry and also from working within government and with regulatory authorities.

We can apply this extensive knowledge and experience to the development of initial concept of operations, detailed operational planning, design and operation of key aviation assets, ensuring these are utilized efficiently, in accordance with the primacy of maintaining aviation safety standards and all regulatory requirements.

We have the capacity and capability to assist with the development and management of airport, airline operations and ATC air traffic flow management (ATFM) principles. This knowledge and experience translates into a unique capability that enables us to:

  • Assist airport operators to collaboratively plan and manage the strategic and operational aspects of aircraft movements through an airport to maximise utilisation of the airport asset infrastructure;
  • Develop and effectively implement ATFM systems, including associated business rules and procedures, to deliver efficiencies in both airport operations and utilisation of aircraft assets;
  • Assist air traffic service agencies to collaboratively work with government, regulatory authorities, airport owners/operators, aviation, and other relevant stakeholders to strategically, pre-tactically and tactically maximise the safe and efficient flow of air traffic through an airport and its associated airspace in accordance with ICAO Guidelines and regulatory requirements; and
  • Assist airline operators in ensuring they can effectively plan and operate efficient and profitable services that meet the needs of their customers and interested parties.

VERITAS is a relatively new organization, however, our personnel collectively offer over 200 years of advisory and services experience to our Clients. The following are examples of specific aviation related initiatives and projects that our current Directors and Principals have previously successfully delivered:

  • Establishing arrangements for airport slot coordination at Sydney, Brisbane and Perth Airports through Airports Coordination Australia;
  • Development and implementation of Oceanic ATC Flex Tracking across the Pacific Ocean to reduce aircraft fuel burn and reduce operating costs;
  • Management of the Sydney ATC Centre during the following projects;
    • Replacement of ATC radar system;
    • Operational acceptance of the new runway at Kingsford Smith Airport (RWY16L / RWY34R); and
    • Introduction of noise sharing business rules and procedures associated with government environmental policies for Kingsford Smith Airport.
  • Analysis of the viability of implementing QANTAS Ramp Control at Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Airports to improve the ground management of QANTAS aircraft;
  • Initial Project Management for the introduction of the new Airbus A380 by Airline Operations Division to the fleet of QANTAS Aviation;
  • Development of the Concept of Operations and Business Rules for the implementation of the QANTAS Aviation Integrated Operation Centre;
  • QANTAS Airline Operations Division Project Manager for the widening of Melbourne Tullamarine Airport main runway (RWY16 / RWY34) to allow for ICAO Code F aircraft;
  • Development of the Concept of Operations (ConOps) and implementation of a Departure Management Procedure for Perth Airport to mitigate ATC aircraft overload and aircraft departure congestion issues;
  • Development of the Concept of Operations, Business Rules, system design and procedures for the implementation and management of the current Australian Air Traffic Management System;
  • Management of the development and implementation of the Sydney Airport Strategic Plan through the Sydney Airport Strategic Planning Group (SASPG) and its derivative projects to improve the flow of air traffic through Sydney Airport;
  • Planning and development of the QANTAS worldwide route network, schedule and slot holdings;
  • Building the QANTAS 3-year plan and annual operating programme underpinning an annual budget of ~ $10 billion and managing a budget of $55M leading over 300 staff;
  • Responsible for the aircraft and crewing schedules for all QANTAS operations and for obtaining all Government and airport approvals;
  • Establishment and leadership of QANTAS centralized Integrated Operations Centre, controlling all aspects of operations ‘on the day’, controlling up to 150 aircraft operating up to 450 flights per day;
  • Advising Australian Federal Government on the:
    • Implementation of charging arrangements for Airport and ATC services in Australia;
    • Corporatization of Australia’s major airports; and
    • Site selection for Second Sydney Airport;
  • Provision of assurance for the program delivery of Sydney’s Kingsford Smith Airport major extension to T1 International Terminal that included the expansion of the terminal by 7,300 m2, the redevelopment of 30,000 m2 to include a centralised outbound passenger processing hall, additional food and retail space, a new enlarged duty free mega-store, and numerous other improvements to help enhance the efficiency and grandeur of the airport.

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