Social and Economic Sustainability


Veritas Asia Pacific Pty Ltd (VERITAS) have articulated the organisation’s Policy for sustainability to provide direction to its management, staff, contract personnel and business partners (collectively termed personnel) to provide clarity and foundation for the safe delivery of our services in a socially and economically responsible manner.

VERITAS provides independent, impartial, reliable, and sustainable solutions to its Clients that operate in asset intensive environments. Our suite of services considers the economic and social aspect of sustainability, in addition to supporting the environment (policy number – Environmental Management Policy).

These considerations shape the recommendations made and solutions proposed to our clients to deliver their objectives in a socio-economically responsible and sustainable manner.

VERITAS also endeavours to make an impact through the footprint of all our business activities. We promote socio-economic sustainability through the following initiatives:

  • Being ethical in business, in line with the VERITAS policy – Ethical Conduct and Behaviour Policy;
  • Supporting fair trade, by continually improving our people, products, and processes. In this way our clients receive greater value than expected, and can invest more into their local economy;
  • Ensuring worker’s rights to be safe, healthy and well while representing VERITAS to its clients. Policy – WH&S and Wellbeing Policy provides further details.

VERITAS’ Sustainability Policy provides a direction for the continual improvement of our Integrated Management System (IMS) and sets our commitments for managing risks. VERITAS also commits to:

  • Considering the impact of our work on the community at large.
  • Providing equal opportunity wherever possible.
  • Researching and developing aids or supplements that add value to our clients; and
  • Periodically reviewing and auditing our IMS, including this Sustainability Policy.