Certification & Panel Approvals

Panel Approvals

A number of state and federal government organisations have implemented pre-approval and consulting panel schemes to simplify the procurement of professional services. VERITAS’ suite of Total Asset Life Cycle Support Services has been reviewed and approved by for inclusion in advisory / consulting services panels by number of state and federal government organisations that include:

NSW Government Panel SCM0005: Performance and Management Services

VERITAS’ suite of Total Asset Life Cycle Support Services has been approved with the NSW Government Pre-Qualification Scheme: Performance and Management Services (Panel SCM0005) under the following categories:

1b Strategic Business Case

1c Business Performance Reviews

2a Business Process Mapping / Re-engineering

3 Project Management

5d Asset Management

6a Internal Audit / External Audit

6b Risk Management

15a Strategy and Planning

15b Risk

15c Major Project Procurement / Major Project Delivery

VERITAS has been awarded AEO (Authorised Engineering Organisation) status by Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW).

VERITAS Asia Pacific Pty Ltd has become the 176th AEO-accredited organisation and can now independently bid and secure work through the Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) procurement process.

The AEO Framework was established by TfNSW to ensure that outsourced engineering services are delivered by capable and competent organisations. VERITAS is now authorised to provide a range of engineering support services that specifically includes:

  • Asset Management Systems Services
  • Engineering Management Services
  • Systems Engineering (AS1)
  • Systems Assurance, including safety engineering and assurance (AS2)
  • Systems Integration Services (AS3)
  • RAM Management (AS9)
  • Business Process Reengineering

VERITAS is currently pursuing the extension of the scope of its current AEO approval to include the following additional categories:

  • Competency Management (S1)
  • Configuration Management (S2)
  • Sustainability & Environmental Services (S3)
  • Environmental Monitoring Programs (NV7)
  • Requirement Management (AS5)
  • Interface Management (AS6)
  • Human Factor Integration (AS7)
  • Verification & Validation (AS8)
  • Independent Safety Assessments