Drug & Alcohol

Drug & Alcohol

Veritas Asia Pacific Pty Ltd (VERITAS) has articulated the organisation’s Drug & Alcohol Policy to provide direction to its management, staff, contract personnel and business partners (collectively termed personnel) to provide clarity and foundation for the safe delivery of our services.

VERITAS has a duty of care to all its personnel to provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment free from drugs and alcohol.

In support of the VERITAS Drug & Alcohol Policy, personnel will:

  • Communicate and promote a drug / alcohol free workplace;
  • Provide support for counseling and rehabilitation programs for personnel where required and where appropriate;
  • Comply with Commonwealth work health and safety and relevant rail safety laws; and
  • Comply with our client’s drug / alcohol testing programs.

VERITAS further requires all its personnel to:

  • Work safely at all times and be drug and alcohol free at work;
  • Comply with VERITAS’ drug and alcohol policy and procedures relevant to work health & safety and rail safety law;
  • Comply with instructions from authorised drug and alcohol testing officers; and
  • Seek advice when obtaining prescribed or over the counter medicines to ensure their ability to work safely and not be affected through their consumption or use.

It is the responsibility of all personnel to notify their Engagement Manager and/or Director immediately if:

  • They are unwell and not fit for duty;
  • Prescriptions or over the counter medicine are being consumed or used that may affect their ability to work safely; and
  • There are concerns about the fitness for duty of any other person.

Disciplinary action may be taken where VERITAS personnel test positive to drugs and/or alcohol. This may include the immediate termination of employment, contract or service.