Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion

Veritas Asia Pacific Pty Ltd (VERITAS) have articulated the organisation’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy to provide direction to its management, staff, contract personnel and business partners (collectively termed personnel) to provide clarity and foundation for the safe delivery of our services.

Diversity is the seen and unseen characteristics which make each of us different. When applied to the workforce, this means reflecting the breadth of difference that exists within the community.

Inclusion is the act of enabling genuine participation and contribution, regardless of seen and unseen characteristics, which results in employees feeling safe to bring their whole selves to work.

VERITAS is committed to building, valuing and promoting diversity and inclusiveness in our business. VERITAS recognises that diverse perspectives and inclusiveness will benefit both our firm and our clients by promoting different ideas, providing broader perspectives and experiences, resulting in innovation and enhanced decision making and superior outcomes.

VERITAS Diversity & Inclusion Policy is supported by four key principles:

  1. We value our employees, contractors, business partners and clients and they are all treated with utmost respect and consideration;
  2. Every VERITAS team member offers a unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience that is available to both our business and to our clients;
  3. We foster a safe, equitable, culturally appropriate and inclusive working environment that allows everyone to achieve their full potential; and
  4. We are all responsible for Diversity and Inclusiveness in the workplace.

VERITAS’ commitment to the principles of Diversity & Inclusion is demonstrable by:

  • Expecting senior staff to visibly champion the achievement of diversity & inclusion objectives;
  • The actions of our business leaders who create an inclusive workplace and attract, retain and promote personnel based on merit;
  • Actively focussing on recruitment, development and retention of our diverse workforce, to ensure that VERITAS business reflects the diversity of our clients and the community where we operate;
  • Developing an inclusive culture that embraces difference, combats bias, challenges assumptions, encourages constructive debate and enables critical thinking;
  • Safeguarding different perspectives are invited, heard and incorporated to deliver success that is sustainable for our clients and for our business; and
  • Ensuring VERITAS personnel are aware of this Policy and the need to comply with its contents, when working for or on behalf of VERITAS.