Anti Bullying & Harassment

Anti Bullying

Veritas Asia Pacific Pty Ltd (VERITAS) has articulated the organisation’s Bullying & Harassment Policy to provide direction to its management, staff, contract personnel and business partners (collectively termed personnel) to provide clarity and foundation for the safe delivery of our services.

VERITAS has a duty of care to all its personnel to provide a safe, healthy and productive work environment where bullying and harassment is not accepted or tolerated.

Bullying is repeated, unreasonable behaviour directed toward a person, or a group of persons, that creates a risk to their health and safety. Bullying and harassment can be verbal, or in writing (including online) and examples of bullying may include (but not limited to):

  • Verbal abuse;
  • Excluding, ignoring or isolating a person;
  • Psychological harassment;
  • Intimidation;
  • Unjustified criticism or complaints;
  • Deliberately withholding information vital for effective work performance; and
  • Constant taunting, teasing or playing practical jokes on a person who is not a willing participant.

Occupational violence refers to any incident where a person is physically attacked, abused, assaulted or threatened in the workplace.

VERITAS is committed to reducing and removing bullying and occupational violence so far as is practicable from the workplace. VERITAS will ensure that all personnel are aware of this Policy and the need to comply with its contents, when working for or on behalf of VERITAS.

It is the responsibility of all personnel to notify their Engagement Manager and/or Director immediately if they are aware of any circumstances where the requirements and intent outlined in this policy is not being followed.

Any breach of this Policy may result in counselling and/or disciplinary action which may lead to dismissal or cancellation of the services.